raymond Epps

Engineer, Leader, Architect.


Orange County, CA




Thoughts & objective

I'm an engineer with 5+ years of experience creating distributed systems on cloud infrastructure. I utilize skills in DevOps, automation, and engineering with technologies like AWS, Python, Node, and Docker. I've built platforms from the ground up, rebuilt legacy projects to improve performance and reliability, and made changes to bring stability to brittle undependable services at scale. I startups, learning new technology, teaching what I know, and Jesus.

There are plenty of jobs in tech, so I'm not looking for jobs. I'm always looking for my best opportunity to learn, grow, inspire, and build out resources to support amazing platforms. I want to do work that I'm proud to put my name on - whether its with a big company or just a team of two. I've never been afraid of change or incapable of failing fast - success depends on it. I enjoy leading others and doing work that makes an impact.


Skills & technology


Flask, Torando, Express JS, Angular 2+, Vapor, .Net Core, Serverless, MEAN Stack



Python, Swift, JavaScript, Node, TypeScript, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, SASS, Bash



PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Sql Server, DynamoDB, RDS, SQLAlchemy, Redis, Leaf


Developer Operations

Docker, Travis, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, Jenkins



NPM, PIP, Swift Package Manager, CocoaPods, Carthage for dependency management. Gulp and Bash for task/build assets



AWS - EC2, ECS, ECR, RDS, S3, ElastiCache, SSM, Lambda, Route53, CloudFront. Microsoft Azure, Heroku



Etheruem, Smart Contracts, Solidity, MetaMask, Cryptocurrency/Platform tokens. Built small projects for personal use


Machine Learning

dlib, TensorFlow (python & swift), AWS SageMaker, AWS Rekognition. Built small projects for personal use


Places I've impacted
6+ Months & Counting...


Software Engineer

Worldwide (Remote)

Working with x-team has given me the opurtunity to work with unbelivable partnering companies; taking ownership of their products and driving quality. For one health and fitness streaming startup I was able to improve the start up time of their video player by 65% and decrease its package size by 50%. I also lead an initive to convert a data heavy lambda api into a smarter concurrent system that performed much faster ‐ improving load times for clients globally.

2+ Years


Software Engineer

Santa Ana, CA

As a leading engineer at Verys the tasks are always changing and I'm always driven to take on new challenges with new technologies and new teams. Most recently the challenge has been leadership of a team responsible for a large Python, Go, and Java platform built on AWS to support one of the largest gaming companies in North America.

1+ Year


Web Developer

Aliso Viejo, CA

Convergence is a company providing a secure white label ticketing platform to major attractions around the nation. I spent my time designing and implemented custom a blog engine using .NET Core and a classic ASP bridge, creating a custom SQL ORM to use in the legacy platform, and creating custom reusable front-end components for client customization using Javascript, HTML and CSS.

1+ Year



Camarillo, CA

Aumnia delivers custom CMS and CRM applications for high end realty companies using a multi tenant .Net Core architecture. Being a designer and developer at Aumnia aloud me to work closely with the clients to bring their dreams into life both on paper and then in code. I was responsible for creating custom javascript UI modules that could be reused between custom client sites.

2+ Years

Maple Stack

Front End Developer

Ventura, CA

Maple Stack was a small design and dev shop working in the Southern California area. As one of the core engineers I was responsible for creating modular reusable javascript and css UI components that could be utalized between client sites.

Personal Endeavours

Always inspired to build more
2018 – Dead


Creator & Architect

Orange County, CA

Kudos is the solution to the overwhelming online purchase options that lead to buying the item you want at a higher price than neccisary. Kudos uses scraping and machine learning to aggregate price, rating, image, and feature data for products all over the internet. Version 0.0.1 will be available in October.

2018 ‐ In progress


Creator & Architect

Orange County, CA

As a devops engineer creating and managing infrastructure on AWS you need to manage huge files of yaml markup describing your platform. That yaml is hard to learn, hard to remember, hard to error check, and outright hard to understand. Cloey is a native Swift app that reads the yaml file and creates a user friendly interface with easy to use icons, buttons, and helpful intelisense that allows engineers to quickly and safely make changes to their infrastructure.

2017 ‐ Done but always in progress #opensource

Swifty Nats

Creator & Engineer

Orange County, WA

Nats is a publishing and subscribing service used for distributed backend systems. Nats uses a custom socket protocol to exchange information with its clients. More mature languages like Python and JavaScript already have Nats clients implemented in their langugae to allow them to communicate with Nats servers. Swift did not have one and I needed to use implement a Nats server in a client's project so I created an open source implementation of the Nats client in the Swift programming language.




Orange County, CA

This project was a technical success but an ethical failure... I listened to my favorite radio station host a contest hourly that you texted a keyword to the same number to enter to win. After a few weeks I realized there were only a small handful of keywords... a plan was hatched and this project was born. It's a lambda that uses Twillio's api and the radio stations api to mass send contest entries every hour. After learning the contest was nationally hosted I realized the cost to purchase the batches of Twillio phone numbers and run the service was out weighing the delights of winning.

A Few Clients

I've done work for